Mutiple Streams of Income

I have very little knowledge about money. But what I would like share might be important for someone of you who just graduated and still young. I just aware about this things when I already quite old. So I really hope with this little knowledge you wont repeat my previous regretful past = being financially idiot.

Why actually we need to have multiple streams of income?

1- Price of goods is not static and has no empathy for your financial situation

Every years prices of every goods and services will definitely raise even though the price of oil is dropping. You can accuse any orang tengah or dealer whether they are Chinese or Malay but believe me, it is really difficult for the price of goods to drop.

So with multiple stream of incomes, you can actually combat this situation and not only treading the water for the rest of your life. Instead you can fly high. ever heard about financial freedom? We will talk about it later in another post

lets say that your monthly income is RM 3k for fresh graduate. Do you think that this RM 3k is enough? Believe me as the time progresses, with the inflation and after you get married and have a child, with this amount of money you will initially start to have deficit in your budget and eventually you will sink in ocean of financial crisis.

So before that happen never depend on single income or job. Make another source of money

2- At time of crisis

Let say economical crisis just like in the  year of 1997-1998 suddenly emerge in front of your door. And you get fired because your the company that you work for are going for bankruptcy.

Definitely this will affect you but the damage can be minimize and you can fully concentrate on you other source of income.

But remember to do in one bye one without feeling of self complacency.

3- Help the others

I know your are a good guy. But please, instead give a man a fish, teach him how to fish.  Make your own business and hire the others. And teach them the same thing

Semoga bermanfaat untuk semua.

“Clinically smart & Financially Educated”

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