welcome to my webpage.

This blog is a exclusive place for me to pen my thought. I will write in various topics and hopefully it will gives benefit to all of us especially the youngster.

why i am always concerns about youngster? because someday they will be the leader of our nation. If we fail to educate them, you can imagine the future of our beloved Malaysian

Stupidity cannot be treated, but we can treat them and ourselves.

I know some of the posts in this blog have a lot of grammatlcal error, it is because i am only write the posts quickly without proof reading.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Azhari. i graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Prior to my entry to UKM, I completed my matriculation in ASASI UM or PASUM.

I was born in United State of America, West Virginia, Morgan Town.

I married last year June 2014.

It is a pleasure to have someone who would to spend time to read my blog. I am open for discussion or any constructive comment.

“Clinically Smart, Financially Educated”

Best Regards,

Azhari Hiddleston

(21 June 2015)

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